The aroma is heavenly. The taste is Divine. Really.
— Miss Barbara
Aromatic and flavorful
— Bronwyn
A nice and flagrant Maple Sugar Tea
— Neko-san
A mild light Darjeeling/honeybush tea....
— Lazy Day Gardener
A tea connoisseur’s delight
— Harold Wolf
Big dried pieces of the various ingredients in the mix and the apricot adds a wonderful fruity taste
— L. L. Puhala
A flavored tea worth a premium
— J. Finkel
After a few times of using it you like it better. Probably just as many suspected they would.
— Wildman Keith
Sublime taste
— B. Case
Take a chill pill in liquid bliss form!
Very tasty and mellowing
— Mary
Excellent quality
— John W. Graham
Mild Tasting and Relaxing
— Glenn R. Howes
A good relaxing experience
— m.r.h.