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Become a Par Avion Sip'bassador


Become a Par Avion Sip'bassador

What are Par Avion Sip’bassador’s?

People who sip on Par Avion Tea and love it and want to get more involved. The Par Avion Sip’bassador program is a way for our sippers to connect with us at Par Avion HQ, while helping with different grassroots marketing initiatives and product testing. They represent Par Avion in their cities & communities and help us grow through word of mouth. They brainstorm with our team on new ideas, give feedback, and get some sneak peeks along the way. They become our interns and partners. Oh, and they get Par Avion Tea and Swag.



•      Spread the word about Par Avion in your community, campus, network, family, those random Facebook friends… use a unique code that gives you credit for people who buy Par Avion Tea or sign up for Par Avion Tea Club

•      Wear Par Avion swag around town

•      Give feedback and brainstorm with Par Avion Tea HQ

•      Attend and help organize Sip & Social events to connect with other local Par Avion Sip’bassadors

•      Product test blends



•      Tea and swag. Go wild. Tote your Par Avion bag and rock your shirt, while typing on your Par Avion-cased phone, sipping Par Avion Tea out of your Par Avion Tea tumbler.  This will be the only occasion we encourage selfies.

•      First access to HQ internship and job opportunities

•      Connect with a network of Par Avion Sip’bassadors in your city and around the country, including meet ups with other Par Avion Sip’bassodors locally

•      Opportunity to be nominated and featured as Sip’bassadors of the month

•      Perks. Early access to tea launches, product testing blends, events, behInd the scenes.



Fill out this form to get more info, ask questions, give suggestions. Know someone who should be a Sip’bassador, message us to nominate them.